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Find your WHY now. Take the Enneagram assessment and discover the real you.


What the world needs now, especially in our current divisive climate, is more of “you being you.”

The best tool for discovering your unique purpose in this life, along with how that purpose can transform every relationship around you, is the Enneagram.

The Enneagram stands alone as the world’s most insightful and robust self-assessment tool. While other personality type tests offer a glimpse of WHAT you do or try to describe HOW you do it, the Enneagram reveals the WHY of you. It brings to light your motivations, your lens on reality, and your unique approach to living each day in this chaotic world.

And, what’s more, it gives you a starting point for finding your purpose within it.

Take the test and discover your WHY. It’s not until you understand yourself that you can begin fully living into your unique gifts. And when you’re living the life you’ve been designed to live? The world becomes a much better place.



There are a lot of versions of the Enneagram floating around out there in the world.

Which brings up an obvious question…

What makes this assessment different than any of the others you might find on the internet?

Glad you ask!

Aside from giving you an accurate view of both your strengths and weaknesses in a way that offers far more insight into your unique approach to the world, this version of the Enneagram offers three primary features you won’t find in any other version of the test.

Many Roles, One Purpose

As a husband, father, writer, pastor, teacher, and consultant, I have one primary calling in life: To help energize people and give clarity to their lives.

I’ve spent much of my life figuring out how to do that for others. Along the way, I’ve found that you have to know where to begin.

And what’s that starting point?

It’s your WHY.

Because, once you understand that fundamental question — once you solve that central problem of who you are at your essence — you’ve taken the first step in living a fruitful, joyful, and meaningful life. And even better? You’ve also begun to understand the WHY of others. From there, empathy spread its roots throughout all the relationships in your life.

And it all starts with my unique approach to the Enneagram.

More Than A Number

How the Enneagram Reveals Your Unique Lens and Essential Place in the World

We live in a world that’s growing more divided by the day, where opposing worldviews clash every second. Sometimes these conflicts are minor. But, at times, the consequences can be devastating.

So, what’s the answer?

Each one of us needs to understand what we’ve been designed to be and what we’re meant to do—and then fully live into that purpose.


We each have a distinctive lens on the world. And when all of us are living into our own unique visions—while at the same time understanding how everyone around us naturally approaches the world—something incredible begins to happen within our communities.

Peace happens. Growth happens. Systems find their balance. And the world at large is better for it.

So, how do we get there?

For each of us, we first need to discover those lenses. We need to understand our “why.”


Through my unique approach to the Enneagram,
I’ve guided hundreds of people inside broken organizations to work through who they are as individuals, along with how they fit into the structure as a whole.

After a consulting session, your team will come away with a clear view of what motivates them at their deepest level.

They’ll also see the others around them differently. And those seemingly petty confrontations that always seem to jam up the works? Those conflicts get a much-needed bright-light treatment. When you and your team walk out of that door, you’ll understand what you’re all designed to do.

It’s a simple, timeless truth…

In any great organization, empathy and community are always the drivers behind success.

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